Conference Dinner - Tuesday, 4th July 2017

Eat with the fishes at the Blue Planet the Danish National Aquarium


Sign up for an experience of a lifetime - dine with your collegues in close proximity of exotic fish, stingrays and hammerhead sharks.


Price: DKK 375 (EUR 50)



Build in 2013, the Blue Planet became the largest aquarium in nothern europe, containg more than 7 millions liters of water.

During the conference dinner you will be dinning in the midst of coral reefs.

You will have the possibilty of enjoying a cup of coffee while enjoying the majestic sharks and stingrays in the 3.6 mill. liter ocean tank.

Welcome drinks will be served in the company of sea otters and puffin. 

EICC-4 - The Danish Chemical Society .:. Universitetsparken 5 .:. DK-2100 .:. Copenhagen .:. Denmark

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